One of my wishes was granted last week — and that is to buy and own a life-sized mannequin. It’s kind of funny but that’s the truth. LOL. Since I own an online fashion shop, it is my need to own one. Since I don’t have that budget to hire a model, I decided to purchase a simple mannequin over the net. Good thing I saw an online supplier which offers mannequins at super low low price! They were actually the one who supplies mannequins at various stores on a mall in Metro Manila.

FYI: I named my mannequin, Xianelle. Hihi. Anyway, Ms. Xianelle will play a big and important part in my online business. I believe with it’s help, my items (clothes, accessories, etc.) will be more appreciated by people and it will surely gain more exposure. So here it is, just a snapshot of what my mannequin, Xianelle, looks like. LOL.


Xianelle: A headless unbreakable female mannequin. I tell you, she’s really tall!

Thanks to Ms. Rhoda for the fast and smooth transaction. And oh, for the wonderful freebies too!


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