Winter Must Haves For Men

Winter Must Haves For Men

As the outside temperature starts to plummet, we turn our attention to wrapping up warm to keep the wintry chills at bay. If you’re a man who wants to look prepared for the elements yet maintain a sense of fashion and style, then here’s a selection of your winter must-haves.

Chunky boots

With such a huge choice of styles of winter boots to select from, you’ll be hard pressed to pick a pair out that you don’t like this wintertime. Opt for a really cosy fur-lined boot with sturdy soles and lace ups. A solid black winter boot can look great for a casual daytime affair or kitted with a smart suit for an evening out.


You don’t need to work on the land to own wellies, and every man should keep a pair by their front door for times when the weather turns brutal this winter. Today’s wellies are sturdy and stylish, and they will be your best friend when you need to take the dog out in heavy snow or lashing rain.


Thermal underwear has long since moved on from being bulky and lumpy and grandad-inspired. These days, underwear designed to keep the heat in can be pretty transparent, so you won’t see any telltale lines or signs coming through your clothes. It’s a must-have item for any man this winter.

The all-purpose jacket

If you’re going to get a jacket to keep you warm over the coming months then choose one that can be adapted for different occasions. It makes sense to spend that bit extra on one decent jacket that serves a multitude of purposes rather than buying a few. For instance, opt for a grey, wool overcoat that falls just below the knee. It can be worn with a suit for work, teamed with jeans for a day out shopping or mixed with trendy clothes for a night out on the town.

The scarf

A scarf makes for a great fashion accessory at the best of times, but in winter it really comes into its own. Choose a warm, knitted scarf in muted colours such as black, brown, burgundy or grey. These colours will be the most versatile to team with other winter wear. If you’ve got a football scarf and you think that this will suffice, then it’s best to think again. Football or novelty scarves should never be mixed with every day winter wear.

Chunky cable knit jumper

Every man should own a chunky cable knit jumper, whether it comes in v neck, turtle neck or with hoodie, it’s the must-have casual attire that will be worn endlessly over the coming months. A warm woolly jumper will mix well with denim jeans or more formal trousers, and you can even get away with wearing a more lightweight jacket with it on milder days.

The flat cap

Once the hat that only your grandad would wear, now it’s something that every fashion-conscious male is proud to be seen in. When winter really kicks in, a flat cap can help to keep the essential heat in your head, but it also makes a great fashion statement and looks rather dapper.

This article was written by Lauren. Lauren loves fashion, though her bank account doesn’t! At the moment, her current obsession is Joseph Turner’s beautiful range of country wear.


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