When You Get Your Hair Colored

When You Get Your Hair Colored

Want a new hair hue? Here, some things to remember before, during, and after a dye job.

  • Prep before your “paintjob.”

    Before going for hair color, apply a deep-conditioning hair mask a couple of days before your appointment. Conditioning your hair assures that your strands are better able to hold the pigment. Also, avoid shampooing a day before your scheduled appointment. Some chemicals in hair color may irritate skin, so your natural oils will protect it.

  • Know the color rules, but don’t be afraid to break them.

    Customarily, morenas go for warmer colors, like very dark blondes or ash options. Mestizas, on the other hand, have pinkish skin and are suited to red or brown shades. For those with dark skin tones, light colors can create a good contrast. However, while these color rules exist, we now have a tolerance for unconventional hair color across skin tones. Asians can go light, nd fair-skinned femmes can sport jet-black strands. With the right color tone, pro colorists say that there is a shade of whatever color that can match whatever skin tone. Regardless of what shade you’re gunning for, what’s important is finding a stylist who can give hair natural depth and dimension through expert coloring techniques. Plus, color is a matter of attitude; you’ve got to learn how to work it.

  • Bring a color peg.

    Everyone has a different idea of what “honey highlights” or “mahogany brown” looks like, so pictures will best describe the shade you’re eyeing. Bring several tear-sheets from magazines or bring downloaded pegs on your iPad of color styles you want.

  • Follow an after-color regimen.

    Since you’re already investing in lovely color, all the colorists we cornered agree that you also have to invest in products that’ll keep color in tiptop shape. Conditioning is very important because colored hair has the tendency to dry up easily. So, it’s imperative to regularly use a nourishing hair mask. Likewise, it’ll be wise to stock up products that are made specifically for colored hair. These need-specific shampoos, conditioners, and treatments keep your hue vibrant and protect your strands.


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