What a Bad Nightmare!

I’ve been yaya-less for the past three weeks and I can say that it’s very tiring taking care of my baby. Not only that, I also do some household chores and work on my online tasks too. I felt like a super mom! LOL. Anyway, due to lots of work, I forgot to focus on my self. What I mean is I end up getting lots of acne on my face, blackheads/whiteheads all over my nose, super dry hair, cracked nails, dry skin (on hands), cracked heels, etc. WTF, this is NOT me! I just hope I could already find someone who’s going to be my lil kiddos nanny so that I can have the time for myself alone.

For the meantime, I’m planning to go to a grocery store to buy some stuffs such as acne face wash for these yucky acne, aloe vera for my blackheads/whiteheads, onions for my cracked nails, foot lotion for my cracked heels. As for my dry hair, I will set up a schedule to go to a salon for hair treatment. Oh-em-gee this is really a bad nightmare for me! *Sob*


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