Wearing Colored Tights

Wearing Colored Tights

Most people don’t go for color in their nylon hosiery. The most common colors in stores are black and beige. However, there are lots of good reasons to branch out into brighter colors if you’re feeling brave. Here are three.

Colored hose can be used to match outfits for a great seasonal look. Gold, orange and red tights are perfect for autumn to go with the changing leaves and your seasonal outfits. Pale blues work wonders for winter and early spring. In spring and summer, anything goes.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, colored hose can be great for formal events. Consider it with mid-calf dresses when you are a wedding guest, for instance, or blue or red hose to match a graduation cap and gown. Small accents like this can make a big difference tying an outfit or uniform together when allowed.

Finally, consider using tights for a layer of discrete warmth. There is a big difference between bare legs and legs in tights when the temperature drops. Colored tights can be a great way to compensate for the chill without resorting to anything overtly wintery or overtly formal as plain black hose can be.

Colored hose is easiest to find online, but it has quite a few uses. A quick perusal of online style tracker sites will show a lot of the mileage a pair of colored hose can cover. Don’t be afraid to stock up and experiment! These are just three ways you can put colored tights to great use.


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