Ways To Remove Clothing Pills

Ways To Remove Clothing Pills

It happens to the most careful people out there: clothing pills. These little balls of lint that gather on your clothing are an almost unavoidable side effect of putting the clothing through a typical wash-and-dry cycle in a machine. Leaving them on is easy, but they can make your clothing look prematurely worn. Luckily, there are easy ways to remove them and make your clothing look great again. There’s also a very easy way to avoid most of them in the first place.

Clothing Razor

You can get special clothing depillers, battery-operated razors that have a protective grid on the front and blades just behind that. Turn the depiller on and run it over your clothing. The pills will be shorn off by the blades, grabbed by the blades and deposited into a small case that you can empty when you’re done.

Leg Razor

This is not a joke; you can take a good old leg (or face) safety razor and run it over the clothing. Be sure the razor doesn’t have a moisturizing strip because you don’t want to leave residue all over the clothing (because then you’d have to wash the clothing, and new pills could form, invalidating all your previous work). You can still find these razors in big box stores; they tend to be the less expensive ones with one or two blades.

Be careful about how much pressure you use with both razors. If you press too hard, with the safety razor in particular, you can cut the clothing by mistake.

Better-Quality Clothing

To prevent a forest of clothing pills from popping up after you do laundry, do two things. One is to ensure you follow washing directions as closely as possible; they’re there for a reason, which is to preserve how the clothing looks for as long as possible.

The other thing is to look for better-quality clothing and material, such as heavyweight cotton or cotton-poly sweatshirts instead of lightweight material. These are generally sturdier and meant to survive rougher treatment. They may still develop some clothing pills, but you shouldn’t find the entire piece covered in them after the first wash.

Good-quality clothing like Camber sweatshirts doesn’t have to be out of reach. Check the weight of the material, often expressed in ounces, and look for terms like “heavyweight.”


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