Very Nice Little Box

Are you looking for a digital TV converter with a digital antenna? If you are then I highly recommend RCA DTA-800B1 Digital To Analog Pass-through TV Converter Box. I am very impressed by this little machine. It was very easy and quick to set up. The menus are very simple and the remote is pretty basic – just what I was looking for. Just connect the antenna and the TV and your good to go. The reception is absolutely fantastic! I got a lot more TV stations than I used to and the picture is very sharp even on my old tube TV. I haven’t had to mess with the antenna since I hooked it up. I’m not really a big TV watcher, but I think I might start watching it more since I don’t have to wrestle with the rabbit ears to get a decent picture. If you are one of the few holdouts who doesn’t have cable or satellite TV like myself, I highly recommend this little machine to you.


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