Very Good Glasses For Outdoor Activities

Looking for good jogging eyewear? If you are then I highly recommend Native Eyewear Dash XP Sunglasses. I bought these glasses for the sole purpose of wearing them when I’m jogging. They work extremely well for jogging and also for road cycling. Did not fog up at all or slip off my nose. The Cushinol non-slip nose pads and temple boots works as advertised. The visual quality of the native lenses is also quite good. The only negative I have to offer is that they don’t have any anti-glare to the inside of the native lenses so you do get some reflection on the inside of the lenses which can be a little distracting at times. Although there is a glare issue from the inside, I always have on some kind of head protection which would block that effect. Overall far better than any other sunglass on its price range, and these have a lifetime warranty!


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