Unique Wedding Band Ideas

Unique Wedding Band Ideas

Getting married and looking for the perfect wedding band? Save yourself from the common, usual, traditional, and everyone-has-it gold bands! Give you and your husband something different and cut above the rest for wedding bands – here are some unique and doable wedding band designs that you can use for a truly unique wedding ring:

  1. Dual-band.
  2. This is getting very common but it is still unique in so many ways. The most popular choices for this type of rings are a combination of regular gold and white gold. A good alternative would be white gold and rose gold. Top it off with a single stud right in the middle and your wedding ring is complete.

  3. ‘Eternity’ Rings.
  4. Nothing like the traditional ‘eternity rings’, these are rings that have the eternity symbol right in the middle. What could be more romantic than matching eternity rings?

  5. 2-in-1 Rings.
  6. These are the huge rings that are ‘cut’ in the middle to get a pair of rings. The cuts are usually in curves. These are not only pretty but hold a significant meaning as well. It means you are two people forming one body, just as there are two rings that form into one when put together.

Save the ooh’s and aah’s over the cheesiness of these wedding band designs, but you know you would love to say ‘I Do’ to them too! Do you have your unique dream wedding band design?


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  1. Katy E. Wynn

    May 2, 2013 at 5:03 am

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