Type of Necklace to Wear for Different Necklines

Type of Necklace to  Wear for Different Necklines

Confused on which type of necklace to wear? You Shouldn’t! Anything goes in fashion now, so the style rules are no longer set in stone. But, if you’re aiming for more flattering combinations over being on-trend, here are some tricks to keep in mind:

– High-neck tops, Tutlenecks
Opt for longer necklaces with thin chains, or an interesting pendant hanging on a lengthy strand. These styles draw the eye down, providing an elongating and slimming effect.

– Round, U- or V- shaped necklines, Strapless, Off-shoulder
Wear with chunky, short necklaces or chokers. Pieces that sit close to the neck also work wonders on strapless and off-shoulder styles. You can also try looping a long strand several times around your neck to achieve this effect.

– Collared
Wear V-shaped necklaces, which have an elongating effect on the face. Also try chunky necklaces or pearl strands.


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