Twin Stroller

Are you looking for an affordable twin stroller? If you are then I recommend the bumbleride indie twin stroller. My best friend has this stroller and she says that this stroller fits her family’s needs perfectly. She has two (2) children, a son that is fifteen (15) months and a daughter that is two (2) months. With the birth of her daughter came the need for a stroller for two (2). She drives a compact hatchback. Needless to say, her trunk space was limited. The stroller itself is very durable and compact (when folded). It handles well whether there are one (1) or two (2) adults pushing it and is reasonably comfortable for her kids as it reclines. Even though it seats two side by side it is not unreasonably wide. Although you’d have to enter at an angle with regular sized doors it is not cumbersome and can easily be taken for shopping or walks in the park. Overall, the stroller works very well for her and if you ever are looking for a twin stroller who knows it might also work for you.


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