Traveling To Dublin

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is a highly populated city that is a big tourist destination. Known for its friendly people, great beer, and their excellent bars, Dublin will allow any visitor to have an amazing time. If you need accommodations once your there, or if you are still planning your trip, check out Dublin hostels via

Things to do in Dublin

Being the biggest city in Ireland, Dublin won’t disappoint any travelers. It is impossible to run out of things to do as the list is almost endless. The vibrant nightlife, cuisine, culture, and entertainment will keep anyone busy. Here are just some of the main attractions that Dublin has to offer.

✔ Phoenix Park

Start by taking some time and enjoying the Phoenix Park, which is the largest park in the world that is enclosed. This park Features a large zoo that holds over 700 different animals, multiple monuments, beautiful gardens, a large fort, and plenty of others. With the beautiful environment, this is a perfect place to soak up Dublin’s scenery and beautiful landscaping. The park is also used to hold big event such as motor races, music concerts, and sport matches.

✔ Guinness Storehouse

If you are a fan of beer, then the Guinness Storehouse is a must see. This is tourist attraction that is mainly themed around the Guinness brand that opened its doors in 2000. This place is 7 floors that will give you the history of Guinness, how they make the beer, and even give you a beer that comes with your admission. Millions of beer drinkers have enjoyed the storehouse since it opened, and it has proved to be a successful and entertaining attraction.

✔ Dublin Castle

To get in touch with Dublin’s history, try exploring the Dublin Castle. Over the course of history, this building has been used as a defensive structure, residential hone, military garrison, state apartments, and now it is being used for state visits and foreign affair engagements. This is a well built, solid structure that has endured its rich history.

✔ Trinity College and Library

Getting to know the Trinity College and Library will be an exciting experience for anyone that enjoys anything literary. It is the largest library in Dublin that has over 1 million books, and is home to the very famous, book of Kells. This college has a very rich history as it was founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592. With its beautiful landscape and photo opportunities, you will have no problems finding some truly fulfilling memories. If you go to look at the famous books they have, then be warned that the lines can sometimes get extremely long during the summer times. Although worth the wait, it might be better to go back a different time as to not waste all of your precious vacation time in a line.

While these are only a few of the big number of attractions Dublin has to offer, they prove to be very memorable. If you are only staying for a short amount of time, then make sure you know which attractions you will go to, so you don’t get overwhelmed once you enter Dublin.


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