Top Trends In Sports Shoes

Top Trends In Sports Shoes

Who doesn’t love a new pair of sports shoes? They almost make you feel as though you could play a sport even better (you know, jump higher, run faster!) Now, there are several new trends in these super shoes that have your feet looking even better while you dominate your sport of choice – here are a few of the hot new trends:

Go Green!

Not just when it comes to color, but look for sports shoes created out of recycled materials such as old tires and reused plastic bottles. Not only are you helping the environment, but these eco-friendly shoes are affordable and look great!


For the golfer, there is the “on the course, off of the course” hybrid shoe. No more cleat like floor scratchers, but the sole is grippier and more floor friendly, allowing you to walk anywhere without worry. Try the new Footjoy Dryjoys Tour for another cool trend in golf shoes.


No more black, white and gray – time to put these drab colors away! Lime green, orange and neon blues are ultra hot for sports shoes. Not only in laces, but in soles and designs, sports shoes have taken a turn towards the rainbow for guys and girls. Keep socks low and light colored and don’t rely on these bright colors as reflectors (especially when running at night!)


Lightweight and streamline is another in trend. Leave those heavy Jordans at home and go for the thin soled sports shoe that won’t drag your leg down! Try the new Nike line of running shoe or the Adias tennis shoe line, it’s time to look good while you play hard!


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