Top 6 Steps To Creating A Cool Custom T-shirt

Top 6 Steps To Creating A Cool Custom T-shirt

Making a t-shirt for yourself is a great way of making sure you’ve got exactly what you want. It’s not always easy to find your perfect item of clothing, so designing your own is the best method for getting your ideal top for every day wear or a special occasion.


Get the right size first of all – there’s nothing worse than having a t-shirt that’s too tight or too baggy. Also, make sure that if you are a man searching for a ‘Large’ t-shirt and you are shopping online, make sure you don’t select a boy’s ‘Large’ by accident!


A simple t-shirt shape is perfect for male buyers, but if you are a woman that wants a more fitted garment, opt for a tailored fit with a V-neck or scoop neck instead for a more flattering option. Similarly, if you are expecting, you will want to get a maternity t-shirt to make room for the growing bump!


Pick a color that you love – it can be your favorite or it can be a color that you know suits your skin tone. Also think about what you might want to wear the t-shirt with so that you can get a t-shirt that doesn’t clash with the color of your leggings, jeans or shorts or skirt.


The picture for your t-shirt will depend on what you’re planning on wearing it for (i.e. what type of occasion). A teddy bear for an expectant mother can be cute, a football for a dedicated fan of a particular team, or a photo of a loved one for a charity event are just a few possibilities that you could have on your t-shirt. Keep it relevant!


There can be as much or as little text as you like on the t-shirt, just remember that more text usually means you have to pay more for personalized t-shirts. Have a name, a special message or a significant number on the shirt for a great way of remembering birthdays, bridal parties, baby showers, graduations or any other event.

Extra Decoration

Pictures and text might be enough for your t-shirt, but if you want to add anything extra always look for this option in your local t-shirt customizing store or online. Some places will offer decoration for all kinds of objects, and if you’re a lover of bling or shiny decorations, maybe a shimmery film on your text or a few extra rhinestones will help make your top even better!


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