Top 5 Fabulous Fashion Costumes Ideas

Fashion trends change faster than a formula one driver changes gears! What was cool yesterday may be seriously un-cool today! Often, it becomes difficult to stay ahead in the ever evolving and unpredictable world of fashion. However, if you are resourceful enough – you will be setting trends instead of following them! Mentioned below are the latest fashion costumes ideas. These tips will help you to dazzle the public every time you step out into a room!

1) The Vampire costume: These costumes are best for Halloween. However, if you are discreet, you can also pull them off at an evening party – minus the fangs of course! Vampires are sexy, glamorous and mystical and it is precisely for this reason that they never go out of style. You can choose a modern vampire look as in the Twilight Saga or go for a more traditional look like in the old vampire movies like Dracula. Vampire costumes do not require much effort – guys generally wear suits or long cloaks and girls either wear elaborate corsets and skirts or tight fitting party dresses. Men wear boots or formal shoes while women generally opt for stilettos. Black is the most popular color for such costumes. Interesting, black makes people appear skinnier and taller. No wonder the vampire costume tops the list of fashion costume ideas.

The Vampire costume

2) The cowgirl/cowboy costume: This is another all time favourite among the masses. The reason for this is that these costumes are very easy to put together. Both guys and girl generally opt for checked shirts and a pair of jeans. Girls can wear denim shorts and tie their shirt in a knot above the navel for a sexier look. The cowboy hat and boots are hallmarks of this costume. You may also use opt for a jacket and a gun belt for added flair. Cowboy costumes are stylish lend an adventurous look to the wearer. This makes them one of the most iconic fashion costumes ideas.


3) The pirate look: This is yet another evergreen look! Captain Jack Sparrow must be credited with popularizing pirate costumes in recent years. This look is quite elaborate and you are free to use a myriad of different colors. Talismans, necklaces, scarves, eye patches and wooden legs, guns and daggers are top features of this look. These costumes are a hit at every themed party and this is what makes them one of the trendiest fashion costume ideas of all time.

The pirate

4) The catwoman look: This is another super sensual costume. It gives you a chance to show off your curves while maintaining a degree of sophistication. This look is also very easy to consolidate – all you need is a pair of black leather or latex jeggins, blouse, boots, gloves and a catwoman mask and ears. This look is guaranteed to turn heads and thus it is considered to be among the niftiest fashion costumes ideas.

The catwoman look

5) The playboy bunny: Donning this look will literally make jaws drop! That is, if you have the figure and the guts! This look is characterised by a special swimsuit style corset, bunny ears, collar, cuffs and of course the fluffy tail. The playboy bunny costume gives you the license to be naughty and to get away with it! It is a great look if you want to bring out your flirty, sexy, vivacious personality.

Last but not the least, take good care of your body – eat right and exercise regularly. A well toned body is the best fashion statement that you can ever make. Moreover, it never goes out of style!

The playboy bunny

Article by Melissa Davis fashion blogger from Australia, she has been writing about fashion, style and travel on blogs across the Internet. Melissa lives in Brisbane with her husband and young daughter where she enjoys parenting, cycling, and other extreme sports.

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