Prom Tuxedo Trends 2013

Prom Tuxedo Trends 2013

It is never too early to start planning for the upcoming prom. While you may not be sure who your date is going to be yet, you can be sure that you are dressed to impress. With a few of these signature looks, you can ensure that your date feels like the belle of the ball and that all of the other girls are green with envy that they are not on your arm.


Make a statement with your prom tux by taking a turn away from the traditional look. You can make a bold yet fashionable statement with a nice dark suit and a basic V-neck shirt underneath. The cool part about this combination is that you can choose the color to put your own stamp on it. You can go with a sophisticated dark color underneath such as a black or smoke gray. You can also lighten it up by choosing a color that matches your date’s dress. Any color will look great under a dapper, great fitting suit!

The Bad Boy

Are you a bit of a bad boy that is not totally comfortable in formal gear? Why not try a sleek fitting plaid suit in a a gray or blue with a crisp button up underneath. Skip the tie and go rebellious by keeping the first two buttons undone. This is a cool look that is still classy with just enough attitude to have all the girls looking over their shoulders at you.

Go Traditional

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional route with your basic black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and bow tie. This look is definitely going to get the stamp of approval from your date’s parents. Traditional does not mean boring. Make sure that your prom tuxedo fits well to your body. There is nothing less attractive than a hot guy in an ill fitting suit. Make sure that you have dark socks and spiffy shoes to tie the whole outfit together.


Don’t forget to accessorize! Make sure that you have a matching hanky in your suit pocket. If you are an athlete or in any clubs, don’t be ashamed to sport your pin on your lapel. If you don’t have a pin to wear a nice flower that matches your date’s corsage will do the trick. This will do wonders to put a little edge and class to your already great look!


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