Timeless Retro

It seems like life goes through distinctive phases regarding fashion and celebrations. As a teen your exploring the party attire then you hit your mid to late 20’s and you start to see the influx of wedding invites, bringing with them the wedding attire, then there’s the christenings and last but not least the Coco Channel days all in black.

There may be many occasions which require a particular attire however for me there is only one style which will fit me perfectly and with that any occasion, retro 50’s/60’s.

Timeless Retro

During my teens I spent a lot of time exploring the party attire and with that the latest trends in fashion, which led to wear many fashion no goes and look like an out right disaster. However I soon learned that 50’s / 60’s fashion suited not only my shape but also my personality.

Where the constant fluctuation in trends left me feeling at a loss, sticking with a particular style leant itself a wide range of favours, a bit like when you find that perfect style of jeans and you go ahead and buy 3 pairs as your not sure they will still be making them the next season.

Since this realization I tend to stick with the same style however this doesn’t mean an uninspired wardrobes. There are many modern clothing companies which think retro but with a modern twist, for example Fever which designs beautiful modern retro clothing.

Timeless Retro

When looking forward to the spring/summer seasons I have found that Fever have a wide range of beautiful retro dresses. The fit of retro clothing is a major appeal for me however most of all I love the range of gorgeous retro patterns . This is where Fever really suits me as they tend to focus on quality retro fitting but also pay great attention to the detail within the patterns and colours.

Retro has made a strong revival in recent years and with that imitation retro has become popular, in some cases this imitation is so obvious due to poor fitting, but obviously this comes with a cheap price. Personally I would rather spend a little more on retro style clothes and with that have the perfect dress for a special occasion that will really lighten the summer wardrobe.


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