The Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Old Clothes

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Old Clothes

There must be few wardrobes in the world which don’t contain at least a few old unwanted items of clothing. The problem is in working out what to do with these things. I bet even Hollywood actors and rock stars sometimes look at their old baggy jeans or jogging bottoms and wonder what to do with them.

There are a few good solutions open to you with your clothes but there are also some common mistakes to avoid at all costs, like the following ones.

Be Too Stubborn About Carrying On Using Them

So, everyone tells you that skirt or that jumper looks bad on you. If truth be told you know yourself deep down that it is time to move on. However, for some reason you are too stubborn to give up on it. I think we all come across this situation at some point. Maybe it is a garment you have some sort of strong emotional attachment to or perhaps you genuinely feel that everyone else is wrong and you are right. There is nothing wrong with having an individual sense of fashion but there are times when you need to just admit that the world is right. It feels pretty good to start using new clothes so why not try out a new style and see whether it suits you better than the old one. You might find that you end up agreeing with everyone else about your old clothes no longer being the best bet for you.

Try To Adapt Them Yourself

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has tried to adapt an old piece of clothing and got horrendous results. In my case, I once ripped the knees off my jeans one day when I stepped off a moving bus onto a patch of ice and fell over. As I walked home with the laughter of the fellow passengers ringing in my ears and my face burning with shame I realized that my trousers were ruined. They were quite old anyway and it was probably time to give them up. However, in a desperate attempt to save them I looked out a big pair of scissors and turned them in a rather unconventional part of shorts. I wore them out in the new style once and cemented my growing reputation as the village idiot. The moral of the story is that adapting clothes is harder than it looks. Unless you are handy at crafts you will probably not do a very good job. Get a professional to do it for you if you want to re-design old clothes into some different.

Throw Them Out

Why would you throw away your old clothes when someone else could use them from now on? There are really three options here; give them away to a friend, give them to charity or else sell them. These are all great options so we might as well go through them one by one. First of all, giving old clothes to a friend will make you feel good and will also help them out. The main problem here is that it can be difficult to bring up the subject, as you might feel that you run the risk of offending your friend. Giving clothes to charity is also a worthwhile thing to do, as the charity will benefit and someone else will get a bargain. For many people the best option of all is to sell old clothes online and get some money for them. Throwing them out is just a waste. It will free up some space in your wardrobe but it means that you won’t recover any of the money you spent on them in the first place. It also means that no one else can use them again, which seems a real shame.

Find Weird Uses for Them

It’s all very well getting creative with your old clothes but there is a limit to what you can do with them. For instance, making a faded, ripped denim curtain for your bedroom or giving your dog a giant fluffy hat probably aren’t the best ideas in the world. You might be able to make use of some of your old garments in one way or another but there are only so many ways of doing this. If you have a lot of unwanted clothes then you might manage to recycle some into headbands, bracelets and cushions. However, after this you might decide that there are no other sensible uses for the rest of the garments.

What mistakes have you made in the past with your old clothes?

Charles Barley is a fashion writer who admits to having made a number of mistakes with his old clothes in the past. Now he finds a new home for them online.


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