The Shop-In-Your-Own-Closet Spree

The Shop-In-Your-Own-Closet Spree

Hitting the malls can be a major drag in anyone’s allowance. Instead of checking out the stores for new clothes, why not shop in your own closet? You’ve got staples you use over and over, but you’ll have even more untapped, forgotten threads!

Empty your cabinets and shelves, and invite your friends over to inspect your personal “stock”. Bring out tear sheets from your fave mags, and see which clothes you can wear in a new way. You may even find some stuff from your grade school days that can be setting trends in the months to come!

Take the idea one step further and do a round robin among you and your friends’ closets. That skirt you’ve outgrown may be the perfect fit for your BFF! Shopping in your own home (or even Mom’s closet!) doesn’t just save you cash, it also helps save the environment by helping you live true to reusing, reducing, and recycling.


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