The Secret To Youthful Skin

The Secret To Youthful Skin

More than luxury handbags and the latest designer togs, youthful skin is the one thing every woman wants. Despite what cosmetic surgeons would have you think, there is no shortcut to having great skin at any age. Thankfully, many factors, including eating well and using a high quality anti age skin treatment kit regularly, are completely within your control. Here are the most important factors affecting your skin age.


It is a well known fact that sunscreen helps to protect skin from damaging UV rays that cause wrinkles and premature aging, yet many people only bother to wear sunscreen at the beach. You should wear sunscreen anytime you go out into the sun, even in winter. You may not notice the difference now, but in a few years you will.


Clean eating reduces the amount of toxins in your body, and this will show on your skin. Avoid refined sugars and refined carbohydrates. This means your intake of soda and white bread should be minimized as much as possible. Consume as much fruit and vegetables as you can. After a few weeks, you will find that your pores are smaller and your complexion more radiant.


Getting your heart pumping a few times a week will improve your circulation and make your body more efficient at eliminating toxins and rebuilding cells. If the thought of hitting the gym doesn’t appeal to you, find something that you do enjoy. For instance, you may choose to go for a swim, a hike, or a dance class instead.

Anti Age Skin Treatment Kit

The fact is, the skincare products you use do matter. Depending on your skin and genetics, it might be time to start using a high quality anti age skin treatment kit. Pay attention to the ingredients added to the products to ensure harmful chemicals such as parabens are absent, perhaps It Kit by Vbeaute. A good anti aging skincare treatment kit can help to increase cell turnover, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles and keep otherwise dry skin smooth and supple.

While genetics play a part in determining how quickly your skin ages, there are many factors within your control that can have a huge impact on the youthfulness of your skin. Forming good habits as early on in life as possible will ensure that you have healthy, glowing skin that’s younger than your years.

Valda Herman is a registered dietician and skincare consultant who has worked with top-notch beauty salons in Las Vegas and New York.


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