The Plus Girl’s Fashion Must Haves

The Plus Girl’s Fashion Must Haves

In a world that worships the skinny body, being on the heavy side is very challenging. The fashion world has very limited choices for the plus sized among us. And where there are choices, they often turn out unflattering, showing very little to nothing of the beauty that is in those extra-large curves.

Luckily, the fashion world is slowly making a turnaround in its view of the woman’s body. And the choices for the plus women are now more varied, and well, more fashionable.

So in honor of the beauty of the curves, we have listed up some of the best fashion pieces that every plus sized Venus must have in her wardrobe:

  1. The Blazer
  2. No it does not have to be the boring, baggy black or navy blue ones. They can be in a nice little corduroy, or in large floral prints. They could be the cropped blazer, almost the length of a bolero, or a fierce red peplum. And remember to get them in your size – the opening of the blazer will create an illusion of curve and the best way to hide the love handles.

  3. The Jeggings
  4. Thank God for Jeggings! While its more traditional (and honestly, less fashionable) relative, the leggings does not really fit everyone, the jeggings became everyone’s best friend. They will shape your legs the way a good pair of skinnies would, but without the discomfort and tightness.

  5. Sexy Power Pumps
  6. There is something special between the plus sized woman and pumps. Thicker legs give the pumps a look of strength while the pumps compliment the plus woman’s legs a sense of delicateness.

Every type of body is beautiful. And it is every woman’s right to flaunt it where it is at its most beautiful. Go ahead plus girl – update that wardrobe and take on the world!


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  1. Pamela Kinniard

    November 4, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Love your post! Beautiful pieces.

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