The Meaning Of Pearls

The Meaning Of Pearls

Pearls, like the ones found at The Pearl Source, are a beautiful and lustrous natural gemstone. They’ve been treasured for centuries and are quite valuable. Pearls are formed by mollusks that live in salt water, primarily oysters. They are not only prized for their rare beauty, but also for their meaning and significance in various cultures, societies and religions.

Ancient Times

Pearls have long been sought after as a symbol of wealth. Particularly in ancient Asian cultures, pearls are mentioned often. They’ve been written about in literature as being given to the gods or to royalty. Chinese myth says that it was in the mouths of dragons that pearls were formed. They also believed that pearls were protection from natural disasters. The Japanese viewed them as good luck.

Health and Well Being

Not only have many cultures long associated pearls as a symbol of health, the gem has also been used in elixirs, tonics and ointments when ground into a fine powder. Some ancient Asian cultures thought such medicines could cure deafness, improve eyesight and counteract poisons. Ancient Arabian physicians would use pearls to treat nervousness and heart palpitations, and there are European medical books dating back to the Middle Ages that say pearls could cure insanity and depression.

Significance of Color

White pearls are usually associated with innocence and with purity. However, pearls come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning or significance. Success and prosperity are connected to both black and gold pearls. Gold pearls can also signify wisdom. Rose colored or pink pearls mean love or a strong, passionate heart. Silver colored pearls often meant patience, dignity and self-control.

Faith and Religion

Because they’ve long been thought to hold mystical or spiritual properties, it makes sense that pearls would be used in religious ceremonies or rituals. The dead in Ancient Egypt were often buried with pearls, a symbol of rebirth. The Koran listed pearls as the perfect reward of Paradise. Many view the pearl as the symbol of Buddha’s power because he is often pictured holding the gem. In Christianity, the very entrance to Heaven is referred to as the Pearly Gates.


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