The Digital Age of Fashion

The Digital Age of Fashion

Hurrah fashionistas! Hurrah digital designers! And hurrah for the fashionista in every digital designer, and the digital design lover!

This is the year of the digital prints, as seen in the Spring 2013 runways of some of the top names in the fashion world.

And these aren’t just any design. These are haute couture designs by the biggest names in the fashion industry, only waiting for their chance to steal the limelight in magazine covers and red carpets all over Hollywood.

They come in all forms, cuts and colors.

The Digital Age of Fashion

The digital prints aren’t actually all that new. They have been around for some time now, but this is its year of becoming. The most notable prints are in colorful Monet-esque florals, Aztecs (yay!), Ikat prints, and a lot of abstract designs in wonderful spring hues.

And for the rest of the year, these digital prints are seen to compliment the foreseen fashion trends – A-line skirts (blast from the past), the ever expanding variations of the peplum, sheer tops, cropped tops, silhouettes and drop waist dresses.

The Digital Age of Fashion

Expect them to grace designer bags, shoes, accessories and other fashion staples as well; and luckily, they are likely to be hitting the stores anytime soon.

So what are you waiting for fashionista? Complete the digital fashion experience! Check them out in your favorite online stores now!


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