The Beautiful Truth About Botox

The Beautiful Truth About Botox

Most women (and some men) will start to worry about their facial appearance when they reach their forties, when wrinkles and crow’s feet really become apparent. With some individuals it may even be before that. Yes, there are surgical solutions available, but having cosmetic surgery can be expensive, intimidating and might feel like a step too far for some. Catching the problem early could make a big difference, and for those seeking an effective option between face creams and surgery, Botox is likely to be the answer.

Why choose Botox?

There are several reasons why Botox is a good choice:

  • Ease of treatment. Botox treatment can be completed in an hour in most cases.
  • Immediate results. Botox acts as soon as it is used.
  • Great prices. Botox is much more affordable than surgical treatments.
  • Fantastic effects. Botox treatment can make an individual look considerably younger.

Essentially, Botox is a quick and effective treatment option the results of which usually last around six months (comparable to other popular but more expensive options). After effective Botox treatment a patient will walk out of the treatment room with a younger-looking face.

How Botox works

As a face ages, wrinkles develop because of the way the skin moves when the muscles beneath it contract. Botox relaxes these muscles in parts of the face so that the skin over them can also relax. This enables the skin to smooth itself out to resume the appearance it had in youth. The treated area should never be massaged on the same day as the treatment, but adding moisturizer the following afternoon can restore that full youthful glow to the skin.

Although the effects of Botox gradually wear off after about six months, it’s simple to receive more treatment in order to ensure that those muscles stay relaxed.

Safety of Botox

Some publicity has claimed that Botox is unsafe. In fact, while many cosmetic procedures carry some risks, Botox is regarded as being one of the safest. Most of the problems that have been reported relate to its use by unlicensed operators. Before booking treatment it is important to confirm that the person administering the injections is properly licensed and certified to do the work.

In Canada internet pharmacy businesses are required to follow strict regulations when it comes to the products that they sell. This makes it possible to purchase Botox from them with confidence. They may also be able to recommend a local qualified person who can inject it safely.

Looking good with Botox

Some people feel guilty about receiving cosmetic treatments – as if they’re cheating – but there’s really no need. What Botox does is to present each individual’s face looking at its very best. In a society where we are often judged by the way we look, Botox can make a big difference to an individual’s self confidence, improving the way in which he or she is able to interact with others, both socially and professionally.

When you know you are looking good, it is much easier to feel good. Far from being an act of surrender, Botox treatment is reinvigorating, restoring the full enjoyment of life.


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