Surprising Pill Benefits

Surprising Pill Benefits
No babies… and no blemishes!

The birth-control pill can do more than prevent pregnancy.

— It can clear up your skin. Acne is caused in part by male hormones, which all women produce in small amounts. The estrogen present in oral contraceptives counteracts these male hormones and reduces the likelihood of bad breakouts. Some Pill types are doctor-approved for acne, but ask your gyne about other versions that work, too.

— It reduces a heavy flow and cramps. Oral contraceptives prevent the uterine lining from wholly building up, so there’s not a lot of blood to be shed during the placebo (no-active-Pill) week. You’ll bleed less and for a shorter period of time, meaning fewer cramps.

— It evens out PMS moodiness. Some women report that taking birth-control pills mellows out the emotional peaks and valleys of their PMS week, so they feel more stable. Ask your local pharmacist for BFAD-approved Pills proven to treat severe PMS.


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