Super Mom Got No Helper

Lil Kimy’s nanny went home for a couple of days + our helper decided to quit her job, so I was the only one who do the work at home + taking care of my baby. How cool is that? I felt like a super mom. LOL. Anyway, due to lots of work, I always end up eating anything and I really mean in large amount of food. Haha. When I get tired, I usually eat so that I may have the energy to continue working on something.

super mommy

So now that my baby’s nanny came back to work, I can now rest from some work — not all since I still have to do the washing of clothes, cleaning Lil Kimy’s room, etc. Hihi. I only got one problem now, and that is to look for the best weight loss supplements since I noticed that my weight increased due to my eating habit this past few days. I really need to shed some weight! As in right now! Damn. Hahahaha!


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