Some Misconceptions About Botox

Some Misconceptions About Botox

From sitcoms to major motion pictures, the term Botox has entered our collective consciousness and popular culture. But what is it and is it beneficial? What are the risks and are they worth the rewards? How long do the benefits last? The answers to these questions can change with each person that ponders them, much as a story slightly changes with each person that tells it. To get the facts on Botox we’ve presented and address some key misconceptions about Botox.

#1: Once you start taking Botox, you have to continue or you will look worse

Botox professionals report they have seen no such thing as a “rebound” effect as a result of terminating Botox treatments. Stopping Botox will not alter your appearance for the worse, but you may return to your pre-Botox appearance. Typically a patient will be able to experience the benefits of one Botox shot for three to four months. Eventually, with continuous use, they may be able to experience longer periods in between treatments, possibly as long as six to nine months.

#2: Botox is poison and therefore toxic to humans

Botox is a potent medication which is why it must be administered by a qualified doctor, as is the case with other prescription medications and specialized treatments. Just as with any other medication, if it is injected inappropriately (e.g., in the wrong location), damage can occur. Properly administered, Botox professionals declare no instances of side effects outside the treated area.

#3: Botox makes you look unnatural or rubbery

Anything can be taken to the extreme, and Botox is no exception, as some infamously famous cases of Botox abuse attest. If it is overused and in too many places, the effect can understandably be a distortion of one’s appearance. Used tastefully, Botox can enhance one’s appearance, rather than detract from it. Working with a qualified physician who knows when best to stop treatments to prevent paralyzing the essential muscles required for proper facial expression is crucial.

#4: Botox treatments are so easy anyone can give them

As the preceding misconceptions attests, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Administering Botox requires special knowledge, training, and experience and should not be undertaken by someone who lacks those.

#5: Botox is addictive

Addiction to a drug must be systemic. Botox is a localized substance that does not affect your entire system, only the area it’s applied to. What can occur is a sort of addiction to the improved appearance you have, which is why it’s important to work with a trustworthy and capable physician.

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