Skin Tones

Skin Tones

Human skin tone comes in a variety of colors. What’s your skin tone? Does your current skin tone say everything about who you truly are? Use the chart above to help you find your skin tone. Keep in mind that you may fall in between skin tones.

Light – Fair skin with pink or yellow undertones

  • Type: I
  • Pigment: Pale white or freckled
  • Sunburn: Always

Fair – Very fair skin with pink undertones

  • Type: II
  • Pigment: White
  • Sunburn: Usually

Medium – Light to brown skin with yellow, pink or neutral undertones

  • Type: III
  • Pigment: White to Light brown
  • Sunburn: Sometimes

Olive – Tan skin with olive or golden undertones

  • Type: IV
  • Pigment: Moderate brown
  • Sunburn: Rarely

Brown – Dark skin with golden, red, or yellow undertones

  • Type: V
  • Pigment: Dark brown
  • Sunburn: Very rarely

Dark – Deep rich skin with red or neutral undertones

  • Type: VI
  • Pigment: Very Dark Brown to Black
  • Sunburn: Never


When trying to determine your skin tone and you find that you just can’t seem to determine a specific tone, you look good in just about any color and can wear both silver and gold jewelry, then you may just be one of the lucky ones who has a neutral skin tone. This means basically any color of clothing, jewelry or hair will look good on you.

If you find that your skin tone is warm you will look best in earth tones such as browns, yellows, oranges and cream. Cool skin tone individuals look best in jewel tones such as blue, red, and purple.


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