Say Hello to my Beach Bod

When I started working out at home to work on my beach bod, the results started reflecting right away in as short as three weeks. My friends started wondering what crazy methods I am using in order to achieve my now ‘toned’ abs. Mind you, I use to have a bit of a flabby tummy so now that I’m wearing tight shirts it is but inevitable to be recognized. Because of that, I have decided to invite my friends over so they can see my routine and what else do I do or take to be where I am at. I pretty much just run for two hours a day, cut back on rice and more on veggies, and take creatine. Upon hearing the product they started asking me what does creatine do? So I explained what it does and what is it for. I even referred them to the same site I have relied on and two of my girlfriends are actually looking into trying the same routine and product that I am doing and using.


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