Saving Money by Staying at Home

Nowadays cost of living had greatly increased and keeping a social life started to become tedious. I never knew I’d ever be put in this position as around five or six years ago the money I earned is way more than enough to keep up with my expenses and even my leisure activities. Then all of a sudden the recession came and everything just went crazy. In order to keep up I had to cost cut and find ways to save money. I’ve decided to let go of my Friday night outs and my weekend window shopping and replaced it with a movie night at home. I’m currently checking out lcd tv reviews so I can switch to a bigger TV. At first being at home is hard but now that I’m getting used to it, I am having a great time and have noticed great improvement in my bank statement. Eventually I will be able to catch up with my bills and won’t have to work so hard and lighten up a bit but no to the point of going back to my old ways. After all extra money in my pocket won’t be as bad.


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