Save Money with Campus Book Rentals

It is a fact of college life that a single college textbook can cost more money than a student’s monthly food budget. With the ever changing edition requirements and syllabus, it is often extremely difficult to resell a used textbook at the end of the semester. Campus Book Rentals offers students the option of renting the textbook that they need for school such as Sociology: A Brief Introduction for less than half price than buying the textbook outright. The shipping is free-both ways- so that you never get stuck with hefty postal charges. The rental periods are designed to fit the needs of a busy college student and vary from a semester, quarter or summer basis. If you find that you need to keep your book just a little bit longer to study for that all important final exam take advantage of the 15 day or 30 day extension periods that are available, as well as a 15 days grace period on all returns. With Campus Book Rentals there are no regrets, if you decide to drop the class or not use the textbook, you have 30 days from the day you order to return it for 100% money back guarantee. Alternatively, if the book changes your life and you want to keep it forever, simply pay the difference between the rental price and the book cost and it is yours to keep. Why spend money buying your textbooks when you can rent them for a fraction of the cost-hassle free?


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