Safeguard Hand Washing Campaign

Frequent and proper hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. Individuals who tend to be careless with regards to washing their hands are at a higher risk of catching a cold or flu. Not washing hands has the chance to cause gastrointestinal diseases and also diarrhea which can spread to the entire family.

hand washing

Safeguard has made a campaign to encourage everyone to make hand washing a national habit instead of just using tissues. They have recently created a fictitious tissue brand called Sneeze n Sniffles.

Sneeze n Sniffles

From the outside, it appears like any typical brand of tissue but when you open it, you will discover that it features faces of various kids who seems to be dismayed by the fact that you are using tissues rather than washing your hands. The tissues also feature a impressive note — This won’t stop germs from reaching him/her.

So the bottom line here is — simply by teaching your kids (and all the family members too) the importance of frequent and proper hand washing, you would be taking a very crucial step towards healthy living. No more tissues, ok? Hihi.


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