Rainy Day Fashion

Rainy Day Fashion

Someone once said, “you can’t stop the rain from pouring but you can always learn how to dance in the rain”. True, but a genuine fashionista knows it does not stop with dancing in the rain. You have to look fabulous while at it!

So here are some awesome and truly fashionable come-rain-or-high-seas outfit tips:

  1. Don’t look as gloomy as the weather.
  2. Your summer may have been cut short by the rainy season, but this should not stop you from wearing your summer colors. Even underneath your grays and blacks for trench coats, put in a colorful umbrella or a pair of sunny rain boots to go with it. Add a splash of color; it helps brighten even the gloomiest of weathers.

  3. Ditch your suedes, leathers, and bags that are a bit too sensitive with water exposure.
  4. Go for the PU’s and PVC (or other similar materials) instead. Not only are they usually more colorful – they have better resistance to moisture as well so you won’t have to worry about them fading out after a rainy evening.

  5. Stay off of the baggy jeans.
  6. While it sounds like the most logical thing to do, with the cold, moist air around, jeans may not be the best idea. Not only are they less fashionable, they soak up in water too! So go for trendy leggings in different colors!

Sure the rain is an excuse to stay indoors and feast on hot ramen and some old chick flicks. But there’s a whole world out there, albeit wet and cold, that needs exploring! Explore it in style, girl!


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