Quirky’s Cable Caps

Cable caps

Description: Cable Caps are covers to help protect, organize and add flair to your USB cables. The top portion of each Cable Cap is a funky, unique character with a built in slot to receive a standard size USB cable.

Below the head, is a body section that acts as a stretchable band to tie up the remaining USB cable slack. When wrapped, the cable is tightly secured in place. With Cable Caps covering and wrapping your USB cables, you will no longer be fumbling around with excess, unidentified, knotted USB cables.

If you’re a neat freak like me, you would simply love these cable caps. I find these really cute! These little guys will fit any given USB plug out there — iPods, digicams, chargers, printers, gadgets, office toys, and so much more! Instead of using some rubber bands or zip ties to make your cables look neat and clean, I suggest you try this one. These are now available for pre-sale! Purchase these in sets of three for just $7.99/set, that’s around P364.75. Whooot!


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