Q&A: Why Does it Hurt When I Take Out My Tampon?

The discomfort is probably the result of using a higher absorbency than you need for your flow. “Your tampon should be pretty saturated when you take it out after four (4) to six (6) hours so it won’t feel abrasive against the tender skin of your vagina,” explains Ellen Kruger, OB-Gyne at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans. “Switch to a lower absorbency or smaller size, especially by the third (3rd) day of menstruation, when blood flow is not usually very heavy.”

Q&A: Why Does it Hurt When I Take Out My Tampon?

It is also possible that you’re taking it out too soon, so it isn’t saturated enough, or you’re using deodorant or scented tampons and the chemicals are irritating your ultra-delicate vagina walls. “If you’re sensitive, only use regular or scent-free tampons, which won’t cause irritation,” adds Dr. Kruger.


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