Professional Auto Body Shop

Are you looking for a good auto body shop to help you with repairs for your RV? If you are then I recommend Good Sam. Good Sam folks are really centered on customer relations. They were even recommended by the dealer. A few months ago while going down hill my RV hit a deer at 65mph. I hit him right on the middle of my front bumper. I bent the radiator back and many parts damaged including engine block. People at Good Sam explained the repair to me in great detail. They transported my RV from the dealer to their shop. They worked very closely with my insurance adjuster also. They were very diligent in calling me and informing me all along the way. Due to the damage major repairs had to be done however the car was still ready on the estimated date. When I came to pick my RV up it looked brand new. They did a complete detail on it. Good Sam is a very professional run shop. The people are super friendly and very helpful. The entire process was done over and above expectations. I highly recommend it for RV repair.


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