Prenatal Vitamins: Best for Pregnant Women

prenatal vitamins

What exactly are prenatal vitamins? These are vitamin supplements intended to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation. Although not intended to replace a healthy diet, prenatal vitamins provide women of child bearing age with nutrients recognized by the various health organizations as helpful to for a healthy pregnancy outcome.

It is actually similar to other multivitamins, but do contain different amounts of specific nutrients to better suit the needs of an expecting mother. Vitamins such as folic acid, calcium and iron are in higher concentrations while nutrients such as Vitamin A are reduced to reflect the current understanding of the role that these compounds play in fetal development.

If you’d ask, are all prenatal supplements the same? Well, the answer is not. And why do pregnant women need high levels of folic acid, iron, and calcium? The answer is simple. Taking folic acid can reduce their risk of having a baby with a serious birth defect of the brain and spinal cord, called the “neural tube”.

Nowadays, there are a lot of prenatal vitamins that are out in the market. As I have heard, it’s the Complete System by rainbow light is one of the top selling prenatal vitamins.


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  1. mama

    October 6, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    i will start pre natal vitamins on december. prepare ko sa new baby hehe

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