Pregnant and Fabulous!

Pregnant and Fabulous!

So Kim Kardashian is pregnant. You can talk all you want about who the KimYe baby is going to look like when it comes out by Fall, but the bigger story these days is how Kimmy karries the baby bump.

In true Kardashian fashion, she came out all baby belly in tight fitting leopard prints, cleavage-revealing fur-bearing dresses that molds her curves – and the bump! – in all its Kardashian glory. Oh, and she finishes it all off with her anti-pregnant sky high pumps and stilettos. Some find this Kim K fashion move a desperate attempt to avoid the maternity clothes; others just find this as a way to stay looking fabulous. But not a few women – with ‘pregnant’ on their resume and without – agree that she has the most uneasy pregnancy wardrobe. Sure her clothes are stylish, to the unpregnant flock that is.

So this brings out the bigger question: how does a woman look fabulous, baby bump and pregnancy weight gain and all? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Start with comfortable materials.

Early in your pregnancy, you may want to start looking at spandex, cotton, and cable knits. These are likely to last you throughout your pregnancy as they can accommodate you in most any size. And this is where leggings and jeggings enter the picture perfectly. After all, feeling good is the best secret for looking good. You may also want to get yourself that spandex tummy wrap – it helps fit in the tighter clothes more comfortably and help support the back.

2. Invest in clothes that you can use even after giving birth.

This is where it is perfect to invest in scarf dresses, tunic tops, wrap blouses and dresses, peplums and sheer oversized polo tops. The best thing about these pieces is that they can hide the baby bump early in the pregnancy, highlight it at its peak, and still be your best friend while you’re working with the baby weight after birth.

3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

No gynecologist has ever said accessorizing during pregnancy is a mistake. And the rules on accessorizing pregnant or not are the same.

4. Comfort your feet.

Pregnancy brings so much strain to a woman’s feet. Plus it makes those toesies bloat to an Incredible Hulk level at worst. Don’t make it any worse by wearing uncomfortable strappies (wearing them would be difficult in the first place) and skyhigh Kim K pumps. Opt for the ballet pumps, those FitFlops (they’re extremely comfy), and if it is warm enough, go for the open and airy T-strap sandals.

Now go and be a fabulous preggy! And remember, the first rule and perhaps the best tip to a happy, pretty pregnancy is to stay happy and comfortable.


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