Planning on Getting an Online Course

Right after I graduated in college, I ended up working as a call center agent (customer service representative) in a well-known company here in the country. I was really sad that after graduating in one of the best schools here in our place and at the same time getting one of the best courses in college would just throw me in a not so good line of work. Sigh.

I graduated bachelor of science in computer engineering and as we all know, most jobs related to this course is actually found overseas. Well, I don’t really like that idea. I know the salary is really huge when you work abroad but I don’t want to leave my kiddo. Never.

Anyway, after 3 or 4 months of being a call center agent, I decided to quit. I guess that job was never meant for me. After I resigned, I thought of something that will make me earn. Good thing I’m into blogging and there’s this friend who introduced me on earning online (through blogging).

I admit that I am getting a good pay via blogging but it’s good if I can still land a job related to my course. I am planning of getting online courses. First on my list is business management. Aside from computers, I also love getting myself into a business. I actually own an online shop for a year now and I’m proud that I was doing good with this kind of job. I guess by enrolling myself in this kind of course, I will be able to learn more when it comes on managing one’s business.


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