Places To Wear A Bikini (That You Hadn’t Thought Of!)

Places To Wear A Bikini (That You Hadn't Thought Of!)

The bikini is traditionally seen as something that should only ever be worn in certain settings, principally the beach, the pool, or your backyard. As garments intended to show as much skin as possible before becoming indecent, it is naturally assumed that it can only be used in such situations where exposed skin is not taboo. This, in turn, rather limits how often a bikini may be used. However, one should not allow themselves to be so restricted with their clothing or their expression. Afterall, you took the time to order the outfit (probably from a site like, you should try to get at least as much use out of it as the time it took for you to get it! While you certainly can’t go to church or court in a bikini, that is not to say you cannot wear them anywhere. There are lots of places to wear a bikini that you had not thought of, if you are feeling creative and maybe even a little adventurous.

#1 To A Convention

Comic, cartoon and video game conventions are ideal places to wear a bikini. Why? Simple: cosplay. Cosplaying provides the perfect place to wear a bikini while at the same time allowing you to express your love for a given film, comic or video game. By working your bikini into the costume of a character, you’ve found not only a new place to show your favourite swim wear, but also a new way to show off creatively. Plus it is fun! Of course, most convention centres are air-conditioned, so keep this mind when walking around with bare skin. Bring a sweater with you for warmth and to cover up if you feel the need to.

#2 To The Gym

The gym is the perfect place to wear a bikini, provided it is thick and provides plenty of support and cover. Slimmer, more revealing outfits may not be able to stand up to rigour of the workout. However, thicker variants may prove surprisingly comfortable. Because so much skin is exposed to the open air, the sweat you make while exercising can be more readily evaporated, cooling you down more efficiently. It is also very light and unrestrictive, allowing you greater freedom of movement without tiring you down as fast as a conventional pair of jogging shorts and tube top might. Not only that, but it also allows you to show off your progress!

#3 Restaurants

Okay, so a fancy three-star bistro probably isn’t going to be too thrilled to see you show up in a two-piece, and Wendy’s probably won’t find the humour in it either. However, if you decide to drop into a seaside café or restaurant that offers patio dining, a bikini is more than acceptable to wear there. The beach is a very large source of potential customers, after all, and not everyone has the time or inclination to dress up when they want to head to grab a bite to eat afterwards. As such feel free to drop into one the next time you are wearing a bikini.

#4 Music Festivals and Parades

Festivals and parades are driven by a desire to delight in expressing yourself and kicking back. Consequently, they make fantastic places to wear a bikini as you are more or less expected to celebrate in a style most enjoyable to you. Of course, not all festivals or parades take place during the day, or even during summer, so it may be wiser to instead incorporate your bikini into a larger outfit. Doing so will not only keep you warm, but allow you to have some fun and be creative in combining your bikini with other elements, allowing you to create something new and exciting with it.

#5 On The Street

If you live in a particularly sunny town, you may already do this anyway, but it is acceptable to wear a bikini in the street, particularly if you’ve just been for a swim in the ocean. So long as you are not acting provocative, thus inviting squeals of indignation from onlookers, it is well within your rights. If you are nervous by the idea, why? Be proud about your body, and don’t be afraid to show the best of it off. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to take more pride in their bodies too.

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