OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

It was three weeks ago when I received my second package from OASAP, a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion. I am really proud to be one of their fashion bloggers because of the opportunity to review their awesome products.

To give you an idea about OASAP, here’s a short info about this company:

OASAP is basically a fashion website that was founded in late 2011. They provide a large quantity of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and so much more. OASAP offers free shipping worldwide with speed and precision. Their mission is to make you close to the planet’s most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in.

Anyway, I was terribly sick when I got the package. Even though how excited I am to do the photo shoot with the product, I can’t. My tummy doesn’t stop from aching, my head hurts, I have a fever and I always go in and out of our comfort room. I had a check-up with my doctor and went with different tests to determine what caused my illness. After I got the results, I found out that I have Amoebiasis, an infection caused by the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica. One can get it from contaminated food or drink, or which is directly passed from someone’s feces to someone’s mouth. Yucky. Disgusting. I know.

After weeks of treatment, I finally feel better! I am very much ok now and I am so excited to share with you what I got from OASAP. Without further ado, here it is!

Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

Product Description: The handbag crafted in PVC, featuring simple design of office lady feel, twin grab handles fastening to the top with square leather patch detail, inner press snap fastening and studded bottom.

Size: Length: 34cm | Height: 25cm | Width: 14cm | Handle Height: 13cm

Available Colors: Lake Blue, Cadet Blue, Red, Bright Yellow, White, Pale Pink, Orange, Black, Sky Blue, Dark Pink, Camel, Cyan, Beige and Peach

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

OASAP: Simple Office Lacy Handbag With Studded Bottom

Sheer Top from SM City
Denim Shorts from Mayfair Plaza
Simple Office Lacy Handbag w/ Studded Bottom Bag c/o OASAP
Vintage Openwork Wrapped Wedges With Pin Buckle Wedges c/o OASAP

For us women, a handbag is a statement of attitude and personality. It is an indicator of status, a declaration of mood, a weapon in a crowd and a home on the move.

When I first saw the bag, I definitely had that “love-at-first-sight” feeling. I really like the color so much! This bag is measured 34cm long and 25cm high with two (2) large zipper compartments inside. It has also two (2) accessory pockets and two (2) magnetic snaps to keep the bag securely closed. This bag is so perfect if you own a tablet, netbook, kindle, and the like. Well, I always bring with me my Apple iPad2 and I am really impressed that this bag doesn’t look bulky at all! Another feature I like are the metal legs at the bottom of the bag — you can set it down and not worry over scuff marks!

Go visit OASAP’s website now to get one! Shipping is absolutely free!

  • Website: http://www.oasap.com
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OASAP
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/OASAP
  • Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/oasap

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned for free for evaluation purposes. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.

  1. Angel August 28, 20121:35 am

    Nakerr kamahal ng bag na yan!!! 🙂 Ikaw na sis. 🙂 I told you … konting effort churva at sunod sunod na yan. 😛 Nakaka-aliw promise. I love your snaps. Keep it up. Angle angle lang yan. Sunod nyan mama-master mo narin ang lookbooking poses and shots tapos nationwide na. 🙂

    ILY!!! xoxox

  2. Sigrid @ Din's Fashion August 28, 20123:09 am

    wow i love the bag! the design and the color, too, i want one! 😀

  3. Yaniconquistadora (@YaniMetrado) August 28, 20125:19 am

    Hey lady, I like your bag especially its color but I think it has a lot of resemblance among the different brands of bags…:) You are so lucky to be sponsored by Oasap. Keep it up!

  4. Bella August 28, 20129:07 am

    Hahahaha the shoot is so cute and I love the color of your bag!

  5. Yesha August 28, 20129:40 am

    Love the bag sweetie <3 And I loooove OASAP too *wink wink

    Angel is right! Love your snapshots
    Good luck! Can't wait to see more of your fashion posts


  6. Rizza August 28, 201212:03 pm

    I love the bag, and the color! I love the attire, as well. hihih… Great choices!

  7. Gizelle@Vanity101 August 28, 20122:05 pm

    Great pick! I’m now regretting that I chose earrings instead of a bag or shoes, love the color!

  8. cherry/rc gweniful August 28, 20129:57 pm

    hot mama naman. when i grow up, i wanna be like you. kaso i’m definitely older than you… 😉

  9. Aileen August 28, 201210:11 pm

    Wow! I loved what you picked!! I also just received my package from Oasap–the first actually! I finally managed to have it after moooonths! Haha!

    See it here: http://www.iamaileen.com/2012/08/oasap-candy-colored-dress.html

  10. SassyChick August 28, 201211:37 pm

    I love the bag and its color. Plus you matched it well with your outfit. It’s great to get awesome stuff without having to pay for it….:-)

  11. aeirin August 29, 201212:00 am

    nice bag! and ang pretty naman ng model!!

  12. Carizza Chua ۰ᴥ۰ (@carizzachua) August 29, 20122:28 am

    lovely! it looks so refreshing 🙂 great choice of color~ you can pair it with anything pastel 😀

  13. teJan August 29, 20126:25 am

    wow.. simply nice and the color is great:) nice poses too, love it! congrats sis for having it!

  14. Faith August 29, 20129:25 am

    Loveeeee the color! Oh my,perfect for summer <3
    very cute pictures!more looks please 😀
    great review!

  15. Stef August 29, 201212:10 pm

    I fell in love with the bag! Love at first sight in fact. LOL! I also liked all your photos, galing!

  16. mainly braids August 29, 20128:33 pm

    Ahhhhhh, I absolutely love this bag and its color!

  17. Brooke August 29, 201210:33 pm

    Such a cute bag!

  18. roviedear August 29, 201210:54 pm

    super nice bag! looks good on you 🙂

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  19. Patty A August 29, 201211:52 pm

    I love that shade of blue! Great pictures.

  20. Bless August 30, 201210:19 am

    Love the office bag..I checked it out and they have yellow, which is fab also 🙂

  21. Icelyn August 30, 201212:12 pm

    Wow I love your shoes perfect with ur bag. 🙂

  22. Adin Blankenship August 30, 201212:33 pm

    The wedges and the bags are lovely. I love the color so much. And you look beautiful yourself. 🙂

  23. Mercy B. August 30, 20128:10 pm

    Very nice bag!

  24. Xian August 30, 20128:18 pm

    Nice bag! Very stylish with lots of space to put your stuff in. Good choice!

  25. Donna Jane Marcuap August 30, 20128:40 pm

    Many have ordered this bag . Hm 🙂 It’s really nice!

  26. janelle August 30, 20128:51 pm

    it’s been a while since i’ve seen a structured bag like that. everyone’s in love with satchels and sling bags and envelope clutches. this one is a good ice breaker and an eye candy too! i love your look <3 very stylish and ang cute ng crazy shots with the balloon <3

  27. Karen August 30, 201210:37 pm

    Oooh! I can’t wait for mine! 😀
    Btw, I love the color of your bag. I’m not much of a fan of handbags na. More on shoulder bags ako. I want my hands free kasi especially when shopping. But it’s cute! ♥
    Fashionista ka na ha! Ibang level na ito. 🙂

  28. Angie Vianzon August 31, 20122:04 am

    Sana ako din, hehe. Anyway, I love the bag lalo na yung color na pinili mo. Professional yet stylish and fun ang dating niya.

  29. joy August 31, 20127:32 pm

    great poses 🙂 that blue bag, i’d love to have 😉

  30. zoan August 31, 20128:07 pm

    OH WOW! I should sign up for OASAP now, as in ASAP. inggit much. very nice bag yung na receive mo sis:)

  31. sigrid @ beautylicious September 1, 201212:13 am

    moms you are so thin na! you’re like a supermodel!

  32. Lulu September 1, 20121:46 am

    i love that shade of blue. i superlike your wedge.

  33. jheylo September 1, 20123:08 am

    i love to color of the purse, so cool in the eyes. and of course the model 😀 she plays it well and she surely looks like a professional model 😀

  34. Chie September 1, 20124:07 am

    Wow! it is pretty and so as its new onwer/model. I applied to OASAP too but haven’t accepted me yet.

  35. Marie@PinkZest September 1, 20124:50 am

    very chic! the color is one of my favorites!

  36. che September 1, 20126:23 am

    i love the bag! if only i’m still working, i’ll get one of those.

  37. Diva Locks September 1, 20126:26 am

    I love that bag and the color is bright and fresh 🙂

  38. Amber September 1, 20127:25 am

    Absolutely love the color of the purse!

  39. Les September 1, 20129:35 am

    very nice bag..i love the color ;0

  40. Sheryl Georylcom September 1, 201210:39 am

    oh, this handbag is so cute. I love the pastel color too!

  41. dorry lyn September 1, 201212:06 pm

    love it sis.. my favorite color 🙂

  42. Bless September 1, 20121:20 pm

    Very nice handbag. Nice captures too!

  43. Genny September 2, 20122:02 am

    Wow that bag is awesome and you look gorgeous my dear…

  44. Dhemz September 2, 20124:49 am

    pretty gorgeous…you rock the whole outfit…nice bag!

  45. chelsea September 2, 20128:25 am

    love your bag sis! and ang cute ng mga pics! 😉

  46. Ria C September 2, 201210:23 pm

    I am not an OASAP member and it sure looks like it’s fun to be one. I love your color coordination, it’s as if I am seeing your photos from a magazine shoot. Nice job!

    Ria C
    It’s My Party
    Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    The Travel Bug

  47. Shy´s Mode September 3, 20125:57 am

    Yay you look so great, I love the wedges and the bag 🙂 when kaya ako papansinin ni oasap hehe..

  48. claire September 3, 20127:59 pm

    lovely, nice color combination and the handbag fits well 🙂

  49. Rossel September 4, 20126:15 pm

    This bag would perfectly match my blue tops. I love the design too.

  50. Alyssa S. Soliguen September 5, 20122:39 pm

    Nice bag!

  51. anna September 11, 20125:27 am

    soooooo lovely bag!

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