Neon Revolution

Neons are back with a vengeance and the best and biggest of fashionistas have welcomed them with an ecstatic bang. And when is it ever more appropriate, more fun and more necessary to wear your brightest neons? Yes, summer with the capital S.

Neon Revolution

But if you were born in the 90s and grew up with the muted nudes and faded jeans, or just plainly unsure of how to wear neon outfits, these simple guidelines might help you embrace this bright fashion revolution, a bit more warmly – no pun intended:

  1. Start it one piece at a time.
  2. So a block-neon top is out of your choices. Yet. (You’ll never know when you’d have a change of heart). Start with the basic one or two pieces of accessories and pair it with something dark so it stands out. Say, a black and silver mini dress will go well with a set of thin neon bangles or a simple neon earring (no bangle earrings please!).

  3. Pair it with something neutral.
  4. Don’t go on neon top with a neon bottom unless you’re planning to try work at road construction (you’ll make a good warning device with the sign ‘Construction 50 meters ahead’). Pair it with something dark or at least neutral like browns and beiges. One statement piece is enough.

  5. Remember: neon = bright = highlight.
  6. Do not wear you are not too keen on showing your biggest assets (i.e. chest or hips), keep the neons off of it. Bright colors draw attention and highlight whatever it sets on, so if you want to keep eyes of your blessedness in the chest department, for example, keep the neon at the bottom.

Dare to be bold! Summer is the best time to bring out those bright colored outfits! Attagirl!


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