Nanny Experience

My close friend who came from Manila asked my help to find her son a nanny. It was not easy for her not to have someone who could help her with her baby + doing some household chores too. I was able to share to her my experiences when looking for a good nanny for my little darling Kimy.

There was one time when my mom brought a girl from the province. She said she was willing to work as Lil Kimy’s nanny. At first, I interviewed her about her background and all. In the end I wasn’t able to let her work as my daughter’s nanny since she has some kind of disease. I saw that her hands are full of skin rashes or something. She told me that it was actually eczema. Well, having that kind of disease is kind of hard since she is not allowed to have a long contact with water. Hmm, if that’s the case, so who will suppose to clean Lil Kimy’s feeding bottles? Who will gonna bath my little darling? Oh my.

After that incident, my mom searched again. And after few weeks later, she was able to get a new nanny for Lil Kimy — with no disease or something. Thank goodness! LOL. Yaya Evelyn has been working for me for the past 7 months already. For now, I’ll ask mom to help me find again a good nanny for my friend.


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