My Wedding Invitation

During my wedding I used DIY wedding stationery and I got lots of compliments! These were cheaper and just as good quality as many of the expensive ones that you can have custom ordered. The stationery that I chose had a cute, floral, pearly patterned edge, and it slips into a sparkly floral sleeve. The bows are cute and have little rhinestones on them. The tricky thing with the bows is that some got a little wrinkled during the shipping process, so I had to straighten them out some before affixing them to the stationery with doubled sided tape. The reply cards have the matching floral pearly border. The envelopes are of high quality, the adhesive works well too. I really liked the wide range of printing styles very much and the templates were great, there are lots of different pre-made options so that you can basically just fill in the blanks and you don’t have to think so much about the wordings because many of the classic wordings can be found as templates. You can also use the template purely just for sizing, and enter whatever you want. Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes handcrafted wedding invitations.


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