My Baby is Sick!

My Lil Kimy is sick. I so hate this! Grr. Just this morning she had fever and she even puked all over the room. It was really a mess but it’s ok. Her nanny was able to wipe and clean it out. Anyway, what could have been the cause of this? My father-in-law told me that maybe it’s because of the weather or change of temperature. During daytime, the heat is unbearable. It’s really, really hot! And during nighttime, the temperature in our room seems to be cold since we sleep with the aircon being turned on — take note, full blast.

Well, I just hope my Lil Kimy will feel better tomorrow. She’s now sleeping peacefully beside me. I’m really hoping for her fast recovery. And as for me, I better take lots of vitamins and supplements so that I wont get sick easily. Oh, and lots of fruits too! *Sigh*


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