The Newest Shopping Destination

Last Friday, I was invited to join Multiply’s event here in Bacolod City. It was held at the Farmer’s Room of Sugarland Hotel. Aside from us bloggers, there were also few merchants from Bacolod who came. The Newest Shopping Destination

I was able to meet the representatives of Multiply — Steve, Rianna and Eiko. They introduced Multiply as the newest shopping destination. They have shared to us why Multiply shifted from social networking into an e-commerce platform. The Newest Shopping Destination
Rianna and Eiko of Multiply

I started my online business three (3) years ago at Multiply. I tell you, it was a blast! I found wonderful buyers and sold a lot of items. My shop also got featured on Candy Magazine (June 2009). Year 2011 came and most online sellers migrated to Facebook, so without hesitation I also transferred. Just this year, I have a plan on opening my shop’s own website but right after I heard about the good news on Multiply’s complete transformation, I was thinking of returning back to them. Hihi. The Newest Shopping Destination

All I can say is, with Multiply’s new platform, it is easier for us sellers to market our products. Processing of payments is also very convenient. You can check out my account at Kerstin’s Closet.

After the event, we bloggers were given P1000 worth of eGC which we can use to shop in any online store in Multiply. Merchants were also given ecobags with notebook, ballpen and stickers inside as tokens of appreciation. Thank you, Multiply! The Newest Shopping Destination
Negros Bloggers: Mr. E, Maricar, James, Glady, Sigrid and me | Photo from Sigrid Lo The Newest Shopping Destination
Multiply eGC worth P1000 The Newest Shopping Destination
Notebook, ballpen and stickers!



  1. BlogGirl

    September 7, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Multiply is one of the best din when it comes to online shopping; however, haven’t tried them yet. Although, madalas akong namimili sa mga multiply shops. ;)) Nice Photos and Event! 🙂

  2. Grysh

    September 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    I used to have an online shop at Multiply as well. I can really say it is the best when it comes to shopping and online selling. 🙂

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