Mommy Knows How To Save Now

We all know that money is really important. Know why? Because in almost everyday of our lives, money is involved. You need money to buy your daily needs, like food, clothing, etc. You need money to pay your electricity, water bills, etc. You need money to send your kids at school. You need money for some emergencies, and so on. Saving money is very important for many reasons. Some of the reasons have to do with security and safety, while other important reasons for saving money have more to do just with the practical aspect of trying to plan ahead for major expenses.


Since I became a mom, I disciplined myself when it comes to money. During my college years, I usually buy everything I want even though it’s not really my need. It’s sad that I wasn’t able to save enough money for my future use. Well, looking back from my past experiences, I have learned a lot and I was able to think of something which can help me save up money. Two yrs. ago, me and my hubby started to save-up for our kid. We had an agreement that we should at least save P2,000.00 per month (that’s P1,000 each from us) for our little darling. This is our kid’s health savings account or an “emergency” money. Well, even though we still live under my hubby’s parents, we must not always rely on them. We will never know what will happen in the near future. It’s better to be prepared always.


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