Maldita + Cetaphil Giveaway Winner

Maldita + Cetaphil Giveaway

Maldita + Cetaphil giveaway has finally ended. We know everyone’s excited to know who the lucky winner is. But before we proceed with the announcement, we would like to thank each and everyone who joined our simple giveaway. We would also like to thank our generous sponsors, Cetaphil Philippines and Mr. Joel Andrada.

And now for the winner!

Maldita + Cetaphil Giveaway Winner

Our first pick was Mis Erlin, but unfortunately, she was disqualified because she did not complete one of the three mandatory requirements, which is to leave a blog post comment on the giveaway post, telling her favorite Cetaphil product.

We have no choice but to pick another winner!

Congratulations Xian Ortega! You are the lucky winner of our Cetaphil giveaway! You will be receiving an email from us on how to claim your prizes. Thanks again and watch out for another giveaway this December here on MALDITA.


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