Making Your Lipstick Stay On Longer

Making Your Lipstick Stay On Longer

You spend a good part of your morning applying your makeup. The last thing you want to do after that is re-apply your lipstick every few hours. Aside from trying out the various brands of lipstick that claim to have lasting power, you have options for extending the length of time your lipstick stays on. Add a few steps to your makeup routine, and you can have lipstick that lasts all day and be free from checking your makeup in the middle of a busy schedule.

To achieve a longer-lasting lippy, follow these easy steps below and you will be amazed with the results.

Making Your Lipstick Stay On Longer

  1. Apply lipstick or matte lip pencil over the entire lip area. Don’t fill in your entire lip with a kohl lip liner pencil as it’s too drying and not attractive.
  2. Blot with a tissue by folding it in half, opening your mouth, placing it in between your upper and lower lips then pressing down.
  3. Load up an eyeshadow blending brush with loose or pressed powder. Then powder your entire lip area by pressing and swirling the brush across your lips until they are totally mattified.
  4. Apply another layer of lipstick. Using a lip brush helps with precision, dip the lip brush into the side of the high pigment pencil.

Easy peasy right? I know, some steps may seem a little odd but just try it and you’ll be amazed — like I did!

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