LinkSys Routers

A LinkSys router is one of many brands of routers available in the market which are available to people who wish to connect to the internet from their homes. LinkSys, founded in 1988 and acquired by Cisco Systems in 2003, is a major provider of home and small office network products. LinkSys also manufactures broadband and wireless routers, consumer and small business grade ethernet switching, VoIP equipment, wireless internet video camera, AV products, network storage systems, and other products. Since 2008, all LinkSys products sold are now packaged as “LinkSys by Cisco”. Well, LinkSys is a fairly popular brand, however, and there are many sites online dedicated to helping users setup Linksys routers or troubleshoot them.

  • Facts about LinkSys routers:
  • A Linksys router is a device used to connect a computer to the Internet wirelessly or via cable cord. There are many different types of LinkSys routers, depending on the user of the Internet service. On the LinkSys website, buyers are instructed to choose a router from three options: basic wireless, wireless productivity and wireless entertainment / high performance.

  • The Setup:
  • LinkSys routers can be tricky to setup, but there are many tutorials available online to help troubleshoot. Generally, two cable cords and a modem are required for the setup.

  • The Size and The Cost:
  • LinkSys routers are generally small and lightweight. Older models of LinkSys routers are a bit bulkier, but still usable, and are available at many common stores such as Walmart and Target. LinkSys routers can cost anywhere between $50 to $150.

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